Residential House Buyer Testimonial

“James is a machine. In the best of all possible ways. He left no stone unturned, devoted a serious amount of time to us, answering questions at length with strong knowledge of the market, researching, driving us through areas he thought we might like, provided us with comps and stats and worked around the clock, literally, to satisfy our mutual investigations.

We had never been to Sarasota, but have friends who moved there two years ago and love it.

Our time there only allowed for a few short days to review the many options James had sent us via email, prior to our arrival. After scheduling 14 houses in one day ( that in itself is impressive ), we didn’t find anything that interested us and were ready to leave the next day.

We were looking for something not in a subdivision or gated area, but closer to “town” but within our price range. I can tell you, there are not many. But James found one. With a lot next to it which was something that my husband was seeking.

Tip of the iceberg.

His follow through, and communications with us, and the appropriate sellers’ parties, was truly exemplary. Even his recommendations for home inspectors, contractors, legal, was top notch.

I can honestly say that if not for James, we would not have found our house, and likely would have missed the only opportunity that would have given us a future Sarasota address.

He is a rare find, I believe. You would have thought he was searching for his own home. I hope when he does, he finds a realtor as good as he is.”